When Robert Amsterdam first began practicing law in 1980, when someone referred to an “emerging market” issue, they were usually talking about investments in more developed economies, such as Mexico or Hong Kong.

But among this firm’s early cases were airline disputes in Cameroon, hostile takeovers in Venezuela, telecommunications in post-Soviet Georgia, among many other experiences in the rawest of frontier markets. Amsterdam & Partners LLP has always gone further, worked deeper, and explored further into the world’s youngest economies where the next opportunities lie.

Our firm, which has represented multiple current and former heads of state, from Thailand to Turkey to Zambia, has deep knowledge and experience in resolving disputes in foreign markets, navigating complex regulatory and compliance issues, and delivering country- and region-specific strategies to clients to ensure continued success and protection of investment.

Our frontier markets practise is focused on helping clients penetrate new markets, manage risks, and build essential relationships to grow into the next phase of development. Amsterdam & Partners LLP helps clients use the law strategically as an instrument to grow their business and safeguard against unwanted intervention.